Paper stripping of stranded copper wire

we have successfully treated a copper wire strand with a 50W blue diode laser from our BlueLas product series at a wavelength of 450nm in order to remove the outer paper insulation in a targeted manner.



In our laser laboratory, we used our BlueLas50 blue diode laser to specifically remove the paper insulation from our customer’s copper wire strand structure under rotational conditions and linear movement. Precise laser technology is clearly superior to mechanical removal and will significantly optimize our customer’s process duration.

View of a copper wire strand structure with paper insulation

Kupferdrahtlitzenstruktur nach Laserbehandlung für Papierabisolierung

Close-up of the laser cut line on the paper insulation after laser treatment in rotary mode

Kupferdrahtlitzenstruktur nach Papierabisolierung und Reinigung

Close-up of the copper wire strand structure after its paper stripping using a blue diode laser and final cleaning

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Thank you very much!

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